• Voice Over /ADR
  • Sound Design
  • Mixing
  • ISDN

Voice Over Recording

We have acoustically calibrated voice over booths and control rooms, the best microphones, and great ears to get the best possible recording for each project. We also strive to help direct talent in a comfortable, professional enviornment.



A sucessfull ADR session comes down to experience, equipment, and performance. We'll make sure you're session runs smooth so your talent can focus on the preformance in order to deliver the best end product.

Sound Design

We've amassed an enormous library of sound effects over the years. Some from libraries we've purchased and some from sounds we've created to fill the void where those fell short. We also enjoy making custom sounds for each project in order to give it a distinct personality.


Mixing is an art form and at M Squared we prefer to get our hands dirty and get in there and use our ears to do the work instead of just running everything through a plug-in. The result is a mix that pops and will stand above the rest when sent out into the world. When clients hear our mixes, Broadcast TV/ Web or Radio, they're always happy and that's one of the reasons they keep coming back.


We're compatable with all industry standard formats and can do three simultanious patches at a time.